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PFSweb Appoints Peter Stein to Board of Directors - Yahoo Finance

He previously served in a number of senior management positions at Razorfish, a global interactive marketing agency, lastly as CEO of global operations. At Razorfish, Stein expanded the company's global capabilities and led its M&A efforts, including the acquisition and integration of Crown Partners, a leader in the eCommerce consulting industry. "Peter has an impressive record in building and leading dynamic organizations on a global scale," said Mike Willoughby, CEO of PFSweb. "Peter will be a valuable asset to PFSweb, especially as we look to expand our global capabilities and address clients in new geographic markets. His experience in eCommerce consulting will also provide valuable insight for our newly launched strategic commerce consulting practice." Prior to Razorfish, Stein held various leadership positions for technology and consulting companies, including partner at Scient, managing partner at iXL, director of client services at NetResponse, and a consultant for marketing and technology at KPMG.He received a B.S. degree in Marketing from Lehigh University. Stein commented: "PFSweb continues to execute on its business strategy and offers clients premium commerce solutions to help them meet their business objectives. In addition to my board duties and responsibilities, I plan to utilize my prior experience in technology and consulting to provide strategic input for PFSweb's new commerce consulting practice and help expedite growth in its technology services overseas." About PFSweb, Inc. : PFSW ) is a global commerce service provider of solutions including digital strategy consulting, digital agency and marketing services, technology development services, business process outsourcing services and a complete omni-channel technology ecosystem.

In the experience described above, my outer behaviour and that of my audience makes no sense without understanding the inner forces at work: my pushy need to change these managers, their sense of resentment, my fearful reaction in the panic attack, and so on. A good leader will muck in and be seen as one of the workers at times and be seen as in the team rather than aloof from it. 3. For the first time in her career she was faced with stabilizing a losing business, rather than growing a winning one. lets see what are the main leadership skills taught and which apply to civilian leadership. Or perhaps you have started your own business where you will be leading people. Anyone can steer a ship, but it takes a leader to set the course. Why? The Problem Solving Triage Strategy Emergency personal use triage as a strategy to decide which patients to attend to first. Effective leaders know where they are and where they want to go.

Gen Y’s However Are Not Trying To Be Difficult.

Your problem solving strategies determine how effectively you deal with everything from creating new ideas to solving the routine problems of life and business. Step #1) You Need To Be Alert For New Opportunities. On the business side, development and training are concentrated on effective supervisory management and motivation. He proudly proclaimed that he used time clocks and absenteeism to ensure “that the work got done” – even for all of his white-collar staff (e.g., engineers, customer service reps). This doesn't mean leaders should blindly adhere to plans in the face of changing circumstances. We need to take a step backwards and look into how leadership is defined.

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